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WELCON Solution Engineering (from Prototype to Mass-production)

Solution Engineering Concept Design Numerical analysis Trial Prototype Measurement Inspection Evaluation Process data Accumulation

1. Concept Design

Optimized design of hollow 3D structure components

hollow-stacked 3D

2. Simulation Analysis

Conducts sufficient simulations to optimize
product design such as fluid flow, structure, voltage, temperature distribution

Numerical analysis  (Fluid flow) Numerical analysis  (Structural)

3. Prototype

Prototyping based on data and diffusion bonding know-how accumulated from past experiences

Wel-Heat Ribbon (Ultra-thin Heat Pipe)

4. Measurement, Inspection, Evaluation

Component Evaluation : Evaluates performance parameters including heat dissipation, fluid flow, inner pressure loss, heat exchange efficiency to make sure that products meet customer requirements.

Diffusion Bonding Evaluation : In-house evaluation of overall bonding quality by inspecting  internal hollow structure shape,  diffusion condition, and bonding strength and condition.

Metal / Ceramic bonding boundary Heat Exchanger

5. Data Accumulation

Large data base of diffusion bonding and structure design know-how Capable to generates engineering reports

6. Production Quality Control

Production service:Original-design diffusion bonding equipment
Automated front end and back end process capability
ISO9001, ISO14001