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WEL-Therm ®

JPN Patent 5292556

WEL-Therm ®


WEL-Therm ® is complex material which materialize both highly efficient thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Low cost and stable product supply is possible since rare metal, such as tungsten and molybdenum, is not used.


  • Highly efficient thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion are materialized.
  • Thermal conductivity has reached more than 280W/mK.
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion in planar direction is 5~10ppm/K.*3
  • Custom design for, such as thermal conductive core, arrangement density and total thickness, is possible.
  • High fracture toughness is materialized since it is made of metal.

It requires low initial cost, and small lot production in various kinds is possible.

Specificaiton /Size for production 500 x 500 mm
Total thickness 0.5~5mm *1
Core diameter 0.5~3mm *2
Thermal conductivity lower than 280W/mK
Coefficient of thermal expansion 5~10ppm/K *3
Surface process various plating is possible
Core layout Custom design is applicable

*1 There is a limitation for coefficient of thermal expansion according to the total thickness.
*2 Practical core diameter is φ1~2mm.
*3 More than 10ppm can be set.

Performance comparison table

Performance comparison table