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Ultra-thin Heat Pipe (WEL-Heat Ribbon®) JPN Patent#5180385


Heat Ribbon is a type of heat pipe. (passive two-phase cooling system)

A vapor chamber responses to local transportation of heat input or diffusion at high speed.

Fluid contained in enclosed region repeats phase change, so that heat is diffused away from heating material. A heat ribbon includes a wick structure which transfers fluid by capillary action, and space to move vapor.


  • Uniform thermal distribution on the surface.
  • Manufactured by diffusion bonding, a vapor chamber can be thinner and larger size.
  • A vapor chamber can be used as structural member.
  • A vapor chamber can be placed between other member.
  • A vapor chamber is capable to form any 2D shape, such as a donut shape or a Y shape, and also bend or shape, so that a shape of a box can be manufactured.
  • Heat pipe concept could be used for waste heat recovery panel / foil.


Wel-Heat Ribbon (Ultra-thin Heat Pipe)

When heated from the bottom, a conventional oxygen free copper plate shows temperature distribution. Whereas, a vapor chamber transfers heat and diffuse heat instantly all over itself, so that heating efficiency is excellent.

 Regular Heat pipe principle

Wel-Heat Ribbon