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Liquid-cooling Heat Sink ( WEL-Cool® )



Liquid-cooling heat sink is a heat sink using micro channels. If used as a Liquid-cooling heat sink, distinctive efficiency can be achieved.

Touching surface has been enlarged greatly by making flows micro channels. A Liquid-cooling heat sink is excellent to draw heat away from material with high heating density.


  • Low heat resistance can be achieved even though the flow is low.
  • A heat sink can be downsized or thinner.
  • Lowering pressure loss is possible, as a result, energy saving can be achieved.

Matrix Flow Type

Dividing parallel flows can draw heat from cooling area evenly. Low pressure loss, ultra-low heat resistance and even temperature distribution have been achieved.  Special micro structure is inside. Regarding cooling area, there is not only a standard type but we custom-design. Please inform us inlet-outlet temperature of cooling Liquid, heating area, heating density. We corporate with you from design.

Standard Heat Sink External Diameter

*We custom-design.

Model No. Cooling Area External size (body only)
M2020 20×20mm 25×40.5×5.5mm
M4040 40×40mm 45×73×7.5mm
M9090 90×90mm 95×154×12.5mm


(Model M4040  50 x 53mm Copper)       (Model M4040  50 x 53mm Stainless Steal 316L)

(Model M2020  40 x 30mm Copper)

Temperature rise compared to the temperature of cooling Liquid on the surface of a heat sink at each heating density.

Heat sink Surface temp Δ from coolant temp.