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Micro Channel Heat Exchanger ( WEL-Cool® )

Can be used placed with a heat exchanger of flange type and a pipe.


Micro heat exchanger is a heat exchanger using micro channels. We produces heat exchangers with various size of flow channel in different material.
Standard model is SUS316L type ranging from 3kW to 10kW type. It has been used Wasted heat recovery for plant, chiller, air conditioner, fuel cell, vehicles so on.

We custom-design.

Please inquire for detail.

We can produce heat exchangers in the material which diffusion bonding is possible.


  • The hollow shape with micro channel inside structure.
  • Complex shape by thin layered structure
  • Distinctive heat exchange efficiency
  • High pressure resistance
  • Precise process control on mass and heat exchange
  • Micro and lightweight device
  • High speed ramp up / down time
    Heat Exchnger Response Time

WEL-Cool®H2A and WEL-Cool®H2C

Heat exchanger for hydrogen fuel stations. (HRS)

WELCON produces both ‘Inter-coolers’ used for filling hydrogen tanks at hydrogen fuel stations and ‘Pre-coolers’ used for filling fuel cell vehicles (FCV).
Heat exchangers used in hydrogen fuel stations need concept to be highly tolerant of hydrogen exposure and to be able to withstand high pressures (approximately up to 100MPa) for very long times while being compact, safe, and economical. WEL-Cool H2A is 1st Gen. model and WEL-Cool H2C is 2nd Gen. model. Same heat exchange performance but size / weight are half of WEL-Cool H2A. Also WEL-Cool H2C has longer life time and better endurance by advanced internal structure design. It has been tested over ONE Million cycle test@100MPa pressure load.

Product release news linkH2C_H2A


Hanover Messe 2017  H2FC fair booth  (Model H2A and Model H2C )

Standard type heat exchanger

Low pressure loss, downsized and high performance have been achieved by placing micro channels in parallel.
We will select the most suitable heat exchanger matching to your required needs.

Use “Inquiry form”, please check “Heat exchanger”, and send. We return a specification confirmation form.
Please consult with us if you prefer calculate by yourself.


Please fill in the chart below and send it to us for necessary  for customized design heat exchanger

High temperature fluid/gas Low temperature fluid/gas
Fluid / gas information
Flow rate (L/min) (L/min)
Inlet temperature (℃) (℃)
Outlet temperature (℃) (℃)
Allowable pressure loss (kPa) (kPa)
Fitting type info.
Other request Material , Weight limits , Size, etc.