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Questions and Answers

Q. What kind of industries does diffusion bonding has been used?
A. It was started as aerospace industries in 1950s. But recently, it has improved technology of pressing, etching and machining process, rapidly expanding wide range of industries.
Use for Nuclear industry, Medical, Automotive, Semiconductor, Semiconductor equipment, Food processing equipment, Internet servers (IDC), Telecommunication, small electronics , injection mold , laser industries and infrastructure, etc. It could be used any industries especially requires high quality and high performance area and related thermal issues.
And it could expand any area which requires 3D structures.
Q. I would like to order special Heat sink, Heat exchanger, How could I do this?
A. WELCON will do custom design for those applications as well.
Please contact us.
We will help you from conceptual scratch design using simulation as well.
Q. What is benefit for using Diffusion bonding?
A. Diffusion bonding is technology to bond plane surface by layer by layer.
So it could maintain precise shape or high accuracy which cannot be done machining, like hollow 3D structural parts, included micro channel.
Also it could bond different metal (incl. ceramics) each other with no interlayer metals.Use for cost down to changing method of production from EDM or machining etc.Recently “ 3D printer ” has been using for trial production and it is good understanding for layer base design concept and sliced layer design could use diffusion bonding production.Trial production base, 3D printer is useful, but not good at mass-production.
Diffusion bonding has advantage for high inner pressure usage as injection mold compare to metal 3D printer and it is suitable for mass-production.
Q. Does diffusion bonded parts sometimes peel off from bonded section?
A. WELCON has tremendous amount of process engineering data corrected by in-house process engineers. Also we use diffusion bonding equipment which design and built by us.
This internal feedback creates stable and precise bonding technology for balancing strength and accuracy for various materials.We care bonding process and structural design for leaking issues.Especially, include channel shape and dynamic fluid flow and anti-inner pressure design for gas, liquid usage.

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