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Management Principles

  1. Contribute to social development by technology innovation.
  2. Enjoy creation, and pursue reform and differentiation.
  3. Satisfy all customers, business accounts and employees.
  4. Show hope and contribute to society.

Business Outline

  • Provide mass-production 3D hollow structure component by diffusion bonding that machining cannot achieve.
  • Proceed energy saving / small footprint, using microchannel by diffusion bonding and supply high-inner pressure, high-density and High-performance thermal components.
  • Differentiate using in-house design diffusion bonding equipment and process engineering R&D feedback with material technology and structural design. And create original special application components.

Corporate Profile

Name WELCON Inc.
Address 15-1 Yashiroda,Akiha-ku,Niigata City,Niigata 956-0113,Japan>Access Map
Established July 31st,2006
CEO Yutaka Suzuki
Business Lineup ①Technology development related to diffusion bonding
②Design and manufacturing and sales of original products
③Diffusion bonding commissioned processing
Certification ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015



July, 2006 WELCON Inc. is established
May, 2007 Moved the main factory to Akiha-ku, Niigata City.
February, 2008 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
March, 2015 Obtained ISO14001 certification.
April, 2015 2nd factory production started.